Environment Management


Ornamental ponds should not be considered .standing water my give rise to insects that rely on water to breed. A readily available source of water is a requirement for successful rat populations. Piscivorous wildlife (gulls,etc) may be attracted to the site and may then at sometime roost or nest on the building. This will then lead to problems with fouling waterlogged soil. Certain insect pests rely on a water source for breeding.


Type of lightning many insects are attracted to ultra violet (UV) light: some may be brought in from as from as far away as 100 meters (especially night-flying species); others may be attracted to light when they are only a few meters away (day-flying species).


Pests are a major risk to both product quality and audit compliance. Pestline integrated pest programme is tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve production quality, food safety and audit compliance.

  • Thorough survey includes pest risk analysis, environmental impact assessment and site safety assessment
  • Service visit frequency is determined by pest risk analysis
  • Annual re-assessment with pest risk analysis and contract review keeps your programme in line with changing needs printed service report with detailed findings and recommendations at the end of every visit.
  • Service report with recommendations available on-line or by email in minutes.
  • Innovative solutions include heat treatment for SPIs
  • Expert, proactive advice on keeping your site pest-free and audit complaint
  • Review of trends an advice on corrective actions.