Warehouse Pest Control

The phase out of methyl bromide in 2005 removed one of the most reliable tools available to the food industry for control of insects in raw materials. When correctly applied; a kill in excess of 99 percent could be achieved- usually over a 24 hour exposure period. A major consequence in the food industry of the phase out has been the switch from a reactive control strategy to one of integrated pest management (IPM).IPM is a systematic approach to pest management, which comprises:

  • Building, machinery and materials design
  • Building maintenance and exclusion practices
  • Advice on good housekeeping practices.’
  • Inspection and monitoring.
  • Physical control methods
  • Chemical control method.

This is achieved through the Pestline approach of sanitation and thermal fogging Habitat/environmental management early detection of pest activity is essential if the impact if corrective control measures are to be optimized. A combination of thorough regular inspections and on-going monitoring using a variety of detectors will provide the information upon which to build control strategies.

Partnering with Pestline buys you peace of mind…

  • Comprehensive coverage gives you protection against rats, mice and cockroaches.
  • Proactive and innovative small fly service and garden ant service.
  • Better manage your food and operational costs to maximize profitability.
  • Advice on structural and hygiene issues that could contribute to costly pest problems.
  • Proactive protection and consultation help prevent contamination and stock or structural damage
  • Inclusive pricing in conjunction with our hygiene partnership guarantee-so no extra charges if a sudden infestation strikes.
  • Regular monitoring and documentation helps you comply with inspection requirements such as “scores on the doors”.

Factory Pest Control

Recognizing the need of true integrated pest management programme-not simply pest control-among its hospitality, food service and industrial customers, Pestline offers an essential sanitation service: reliable, premium commercial pest elimination. Cockroaches, rodents and other flying and crawling pests carry disease and pose a constant threat to the reputations of commercial facilities, including restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants and more. Don’t let pests get in the way of your productivity.

Due to constantly moving traffic, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. That’s why warehouse pest control should be an integral part of the routine maintenance of your facilities. Don’t let your business become vulnerable to insects, rodents, and birds- call the experts. An inspection program is necessary for an effective pest control system. Inspection is preventive, monitoring control measure that is time consuming but important and cost effective. Inspection should be done regularly by using a checklist developed for pest control.

Monitoring should include raw materials, adjunct, and production and storage premises should be monitored. Laboratory testing of samples should be carried out by using a filth test method. Insects, insect fragments, eggs, larvae and rodent hairs and excrement should be identified.